Welcome to the world of  “VEYESPE”

The company which brings only Quality products.

“VEYESPE” The Versatile Source Point for all technical hoses in India. We have a wide range of hoses which suits for all type of engineering industries.

The Management team having 25 years of rich experience with sound knowledge in General Engineering in all verticals, Textile Industries & Agricultural Machineries.

Also the management team is having continuous motivation to bring innovative products to Indian industry where there is big demand in supply with quality and alternative for existing products in all engineering industries and suitable replacement source for imported machineries.

“VEYESPE” represents the world leader a 125 years company in Technical hose manufacturing M/s.Norres Schlauchtechnik GmbH & Co.KG,Germany In India.

Apart from the above VEYESPE Brings so many good products from other world renowned manufactures.

So any special application or requirement just leave it to VEYESPE in return you will get the right product for your need.

To get the right choice of hoses for your requirement just send us the following details to

info@veyespe.com   .

Your contact Details with Mobile Numbers

Application of the hose

Inside & Outside diameter in mm

Inside/outside smooth surface requirement

Food Grade/Non Food Grade

Pressure in Kg/Sq.cm

Vacuum in mmWs

Media inside the Hose – Air/Fumes/Liquid/Acid/powders/Dust/Granules

Temperature of the media inside the hose and outside the hose

Length required

OEM requirement or Plant maintenance

With the above details furnishing to us, you will get the right choice of hose which saves your time in search of hoses, in result saving in product/maintenance cost and long life for the product.

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